Kulture City

They rethink accessibility to create acceptance and inclusion for all individuals with unique abilities. On a personal level they look for technology that helps improve communication. They provide tablets and invest in real world applications and solutions. This helps reconnect the individual to the community. Within the family they provide security in the form of lifeBOKS, our life saving anti wandering kit that prevents wandering related accidents. This allows families to feel confident and secure when out in the community. In the community they create Sensory Inclusive™ spaces that provide universal accessibility. This allows individuals to experience all the amenities that our cities have to offer.

How you can help

use this link to pledge https://www.kulturecity.org/love-without-words/
use this link to donate https://www.kulturecity.org/donate/
use this link to actively raise funds https://www.kulturecity.org/kcfit/


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