Live SunSmart Foundation

The Live SunSmart Foundation, formerly The Ray Festa Memorial Foundation is committed to educating everyone 12 years old and up on the importance of being “Sun Smart”. Their message is simple: They advocate that everyone should have fun in the sun, through sports and other outdoor activities, but should take precautions when doing so. They consider the themselves a “lifestyle” foundation different form other medical research organizations that raise monies to fund bench research.

The Foundation’s message is to encourage one and all to take good care of their skin by

  • Using sunscreen, applying it properly and reapplying often
  • Wearing protective clothing, hats and sunglasses
  • Constantly being aware of changes in their skin
  • Getting regular skin cancer screenings from a board certified dermatologist.

Melanoma is the most curable form of cancer when found early so with increased education and awareness, lives WILL be saved.


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