Go shwopping – and no, that’s not a spelling mistake – and fight poverty with Oxfam and M&S.

Video: Shwopping - The One Day Wardrobe Clearout

Oxfam and M&S launched shwopping in April 2012, a new idea that makes it even easier to give your unwanted clothes a second life.

With a little support from Joanna Lumley, this year’s One Day Wardrobe Clear Out takes place on 9 May 2013 at Marks & Spencer stores around the country. Oxfam volunteers will be at M&S stores to collect your shwopping donations and in return, you’ll get a £5 voucher.

“It’s time to open your mind, your heart, your arms and your wardrobe,” says Joanna Lumley. “Shwopping is a way of living and thinking, because we think that old clothes shouldn’t just be thrown out, they should do some good. They should have a future. So every time you buy something new, give us something old – it doesn’t even have to be from M&S. We’ll pass the clothes on to our partners, Oxfam. Clothes are either resold, reused or recycled. It’s brilliant because nothing goes to landfill. The money raised goes to help people in poverty.”

At the last One Day Wardrobe Clear Out approximately 750,000 garments were donated, which could have been worth around £400,000 for Oxfam – so get shwopping on 9 May!

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