What do Katy Perry and popchips have in common? Kindness… CommonKindess! Leading brands are partnering with CommonKindness to raise money for consumers’ favorite nonprofits—and the stars are lining up to raise awareness and support for their own favorites.

CommonKindness is moving beyond matching major brands like Hershey, Kimberly Clark, and International Delight with consumers to fund their favorite nonprofit organizations. The free printable grocery coupon website is now grabbing the attention of big names in entertainment who are asking their fans to help support their favorite charities.

Last week, popchips launched a massive campaign with mega pop star Katy Perry to raise funds for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) using the CommonKindness coupon platform. For the popchips campaign, every printable grocery coupon for katy’s kettle corn popchips from CommonKindness.com that consumers redeem, saves the consumer money and generates a 50-cent donation from popchips to the ASPCA.

For more than 140 years, the ASPCA has offered everything from education and care to adoption and rescue in order to improve the lives of animals across America. Katy Perry has a history of supporting the ASPCA’s efforts to stop and prevent animal cruelty. Everyone loves to listen to Katy Perry, who has amassed a huge audience of 54 million fans on social media.

“It is very exciting to partner with popchips and Katy Perry to raise funds for the ASPCA,” said Sarah Schloemer, president of CommonKindness. “Bringing people together to help others is what CommonKindness is all about.”

CommonKindness is the free printable grocery coupon website that donates 20 percent of its coupon-redemption revenues to nonprofit organizations that shoppers select when they visit CommonKindness.com and download coupons.

CommonKindness gives brands a way to reach a new audience of influential people who are active in their communities. The brands build an emotional bond with consumers who make values-based purchasing decisions and are personally involved with causes.

“While frequently adding new top brand coupons on CommonKindness.com, more and more nonprofit organizations are registering and benefiting from CommonKindness coupon redemptions,” said Schloemer. She points out that every brand with coupons on the website benefits from big campaigns like the Katy Perry – popchips promotion.

Brands love the CommonKindness performance-based, pay-per-sale platform because there are no upfront fees. They only pay a small fee when a sale is made. The CommonKindness coupon platform is designed so that brands can load new coupons in minutes, so brands can join at any time and keep their coupons up for as long as they desire.

The simple and instant coupon-loading platform makes it easy for brands to quickly boost sales, gain exposure, and jump-start sales of new products. Many brands also keep their coupons on the CommonKindness website to reward their customers and give them the opportunity to support their favorite non-profit which creates a positive brand association.

Source: PRWeb.com

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