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The Jonas Brothers played a special gig attended by a host of stars on Saturday.

The boy band – who recently made headlines for their work raising awareness of diabetes – played at Ross School in East Hampton on August 9. The concert – attended by 650 people who paid $1,500 each – was part of a star-filled summer series to raise funds for the school, where tuition is up to $24,800 per year. Money raised will go toward raising the $2 million needed to build up the school’s annual scholarship fund and give any interested children the opportunity to attend.

“Our goal of events like this is to make the Ross School available to any student that is interested,” said Michele Claeys, head of the school. Currently, 40% of students receive scholarships to attend the school.

Later this month, Aretha Franklin will headline a $1,000-per-ticket concert at the school – a follow-up to a show she played in 2006 that raised $1.3 million for financial aid. Last year’s concerts were headlined by Billy Joel.

Christie Brinkley and Kelly Ripa were among the audience for the Jonas Brothers’ show.

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