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Action star Jackie Chan has received a special UNICEF award for his work with children.

Chan was a guest at a UNICEF reception held in China on August 9, where awards were presented to UNICEF supporting partners and goodwill ambassadors who have aided the organization’s efforts to help children all over the world. The event – called Champions for Children – served two purposes: to advocate for vulnerable children and to thank all of UNICEF’s partners, including the Chinese government, for their tireless work.

Attendees at the function listened to talks from Chan and world reknowned pianist Lang Lang, as well as the words of young survivors from the Sichuan earthquake.

“The May 12th earthquake hurt our people, but many uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters are helping us,” said one 12-year-old survivor. “Our new school has already been built; we have received donations and supplies from all over the world. I plan to study hard and invent a machine to control earthquakes, so that no more people will have to suffer as a result of earthquakes.”

Chan – who has been a UNICEF Ambassador since 2004 – said he was glad to have the opportunity to help and added that he is eager to help children not only in China but all over the world. “Call me anytime, I will be there,” he said.

Chan is well known for his interest in supporting children’s charities, and last year talked to Look To The Stars about his work.

“Since I am Ambassador for UNICEF and UNAIDS, I am able to help raise interest in the problems that children face," he told us. "Plus I am involved with my own charities here in Asia – the Dragon's Heart Charity and the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. There are so many problems for children! Sometimes I feel that I just can’t do enough for them – as soon as I solve the problem of one group, I notice that another group is suffering. I try, but it’s never enough."

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