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Bill Gates has taken a look at the last year, and compiled an uplifting list to offer hope for humanity in 2014.

He posted on, saying:

“If you measure progress by the number of children who die of preventable causes, or by the number of people who escape extreme poverty—as I do—then 2013 was definitely a good year.”

Gates goes on to list the incredible headway made in the fight against polio, with quick reaction times helping to wipe out and limit the spread of polio around the world.

He discusses the fall of child mortality and poverty rates, and takes a moment to appreciate the impact that wealthier countries can have when they focus on making a difference.

His list links to graphics and articles that help readers understand the issues more deeply, including a link to the new website, Global Burden of Disease, which offers a variety of graphs and charts to allow people to explore global health data.

Gates ends with a personal note of gratitude, acknowledging the people – from world leaders who met with him, to volunteers working in dangerous places – who have joined with him to make progress and save lives.

Much of the work discussed in his list was connected in some way to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but Bill has also recently been making a difference on a more personal level.

One woman had an incredible surprise this Christmas when she discovered Bill Gates was her Secret Santa over on The recipient was touched by the perfection of Gates’ gift to her and the thought that went into the process. She was particularly happy that he opened her eyes to Heifer International, as part of his gift to her was a cow! For a fun light read about Santa Gates, click here.

For a dose of hope for the future, and facts that you can offer people who aren’t yet optimistic about 2014, read Bill Gates’ Year in Review here.

Source: The Gates Notes

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