Singer Annie Lennox hosted the launch of the Amnesty Arts Fund at The Twentieth Century Theatre in London last night, September 25.

The Amnesty Arts Fund brings together people who believe passionately in freedom of expression and projects which have the potential to reach new audiences and inspire creative activism around the world. Amnesty International has a long and proud tradition of working with creative industries and individuals to raise awareness for human rights issues across the globe. This work has inspired change, action and momentum throughout the audiences which have been reached. The launch event celebrated past, current and future creative projects and creative activism.

“Arts and artists have the unique power to bring people together and inspire positive action,” said Lennox. “The Amnesty Arts Fund recognizes that power and uses it to call for change.”

The Amnesty Arts Fund will provide essential resources and funding to creative projects across the arts including film, photography, music, fashion, art, comedy, theatre and literature. It will also support creative projects and individuals to ensure that the human stories behind the statistics and reports of global human rights violations are understood and brought further into the public consciousness. Founding members include Elton John and Nicolas Cage.

Lennox’s attendance at the launch follows her appearance at the World Peace Day concert at the Royal Albert Hall on September 21. The concert – which also featured Bryan Adams, John Legend, and Peter Gabriel – was a resounding success, and raised awareness for the annual Peace One Day campaign founded by Jeremy Gilley.

To view a video of the Peace Day Concert, visit the iConcerts website, or to hear Annie Lennox talk about the Amnesty Arts Fund, click here.

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