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Ellen DeGeneres has joined the fight against Proposition 8.

“There’s a California Proposition on the ballot that’s a little confusing,” said the talk show host on her Blog. "It’s Proposition 8. It’s called, ‘The California Marriage Protection Act’ – but don’t let the name fool you. It’s not protecting anyone’s marriage. Not yours. Not mine. The wording of Prop 8 is tricky. It’s like if someone asked you, ‘You don’t want dessert, right?’ But you do want dessert so you say, ‘Yes,’ which really means you don’t want dessert. And if you say, ‘No,’ which means you do want dessert – it sounds like you don’t. Either way, you don’t get what you want. See – confusing. Just like Prop. 8.

“So, in case I haven’t made myself clear, I’m FOR gay marriage. And in order to protect that right – please VOTE NO on Proposition 8. And now that you’re informed, spread the word. I’m begging you. I can’t return the wedding gifts – I love my new toaster.”

DeGeneres attended the “Yes on Prop 2” party with her new wife Portia De Rossi in Los Angeles on Sunday and last night appeared on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show to talk about Proposition 8 and what it would mean for people’s freedom.

Her support of the issue follows recent donations to the cause by Brad Pitt ($100,000), Steven Spielberg ($100,000), David Geffen ($50,000), and support from Barack Obama and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

More information about the campaign against Proposition 8 can be found at

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