With a crucial climate summit beginning soon in Paris, Robert Redford has released a video kicking off a citizen petition drive calling on world leaders to “take bold action” to avoid the damaging impacts of climate change.

Video: Robert Redford: Demand Climate Action at the Paris Climate Summit

“We’re running out of time. But as a husband, a father and a grandfather, I do have hope,” Redford says in the 90-second video released today on social media. "If we want to leave our children, grandchildren and future generations a healthy planet, we’ve got to respond now to the challenge of climate change.

“This is our only planet,” Redford adds. “This may be our last chance. So let’s protect the most important thing in the world: our children’s future.”

In the video – featuring scenes of drought, fierce storms, and melting glaciers – the actor, producer, environmentalist and trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council says the world must come together now to slash dangerous carbon pollution making us and our planet sick.

“Moderate weather is virtually extinct – and global instability, poverty and conflict are rising along with the temperature,” he says. “We can prevent this disaster, if we work together to do something different.”

In December, world leaders hope to do so when they gather in Paris to hammer out an international climate accord. The U.N. announced it would go ahead with the 21st Conference of the Parties, known as COP21, after the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

Robert Redford, a highly respected leader on environmental issues, has spoken out repeatedly for strong action to address climate change.

In 2013, he worked with NRDC on a TV and online ad calling on President Obama to rein in carbon pollution from the nation’s biggest source, coal-fired power plants. The ad is here.

Last June, Redford delivered an impassioned speech on climate change at the U.N.

NRDC worked with Redford to produce the Paris climate video, which will run on NRDC social media channels and be sent to NRDC supporters and activists.

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