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Scottish singer Sharleen Spiteri lent her support to Nordoff Robbins last week when she visited a school that integrates children with autism into classes and provides music therapy as part of their lessons.

The 41-year-old lead singer of Texas played a few tunes for children at Hopefield Primary in Bonnyrigg, Scotland, to raise awareness of music therapy in schools.

“It was great to do a song with the kids playing along on their drums, shakers and bells,” Spiteri told the Sunday Mail in the UK. "It ended up being a lot easier than some big gigs I’ve done where thousands of fans clap along out of time. That’s an absolute nightmare. Playing to a bunch of kids who were totally into the music was both satisfying and very humbling. But that’s the power of music. I was a total stranger but music brought us together.

“It was interesting to discover how so much of the touchy-feely element of music – the vibrations of hitting a drum or holding an instrument against the skin – meant to the children. That’s what we do as musicians… we go on constantly about feel and rhythm. It was extraordinary to see it actually work for them and hear from their parents how much of a difference music makes to their lives.”

The singer also took part in the BBC Children in Need charity concert on Friday, November 14, which also featured the Sugababes, Boyzone, and many others.

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