Kristin Davis has written a post on The Huffington Post about what travelling to refugee camps with the UNHCR has taught her.

“Every trip I have made to visit UNHCR refugee camps has left me profoundly humbled at the strength and resilience of the people I meet,” she wrote. "I don’t know how they have survived what they have been through. Less than one percent of all refugees are resettled in any country. And the vetting process for the United States can take up to two years after a refugee has been submitted for resettlement based on the fact that they’re at extreme risk. I fear that the current changes in our national policy have damaged one of the few hopes these vulnerable people have left. After all, they have fled the very terrorist groups we fear in our country. I am heartened by the people who have stepped forward to stand #WithRefugees.

“But right now there are people all over the world who are existing only because the UN Refugee Agency is there providing shelter and food for them. And sadly these efforts by UNHCR do not have enough funds for the magnitude of this crisis. So I’ve decided to start a CrowdRise fundraiser for UNHCR. We can help keep the Syrian refugees fleeing terror to stay warm this winter, help the babies born in the camps to have basic medical care, help the new people fleeing violence every day to be fed when they finally arrive at a UNHCR camp. I will be matching all donations made up to $10,000. Please help me say to the most vulnerable people in the world that we do care about them. And that we stand #WithRefugees.”

To read the full post, click here. To find out more about her CrowdRise fundraiser, click here.

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