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Last week, Look To The Stars brought you the news that actress Scarlett Johansson was selling her used and cold-infected tissue to raise money for charity. We can now reveal how much it was sold for.

The tissue – which came in a signed plastic bag – raised $5,300 for USA Harvest, beating expectations.

The actress appeared on Jay Leno's Tonight Show on December 17 with a bad cold she caught from her The Spirit co-star, Samuel L. Jackson. For this reason, she joked that her cold had “value”, and proceeded to blow her nose on a tissue supplied by Leno – who then gave it to eBay.

Johannson is a longtime supporter of USA Harvest, and has helped to supply over 9 million meals to the hungry. She also dished out food to the homeless victims of Hurricane Katrina at the Made Love Cafe in St, Benard Parish in New Orleans.

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