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Fancy getting a Valentine’s card from someone famous this year? The Pink Rose Valentine’s Appeal can organize it for you.

Olivia Newton-John, Joan Collins, Rebecca Mader, Stephen Fry and Pat Sharp have all contributed their signatures to special Valentine’s Day ecards to raise money for research into Breast Cancer.

Someone in the world is diagnosed with breast cancer every 30 seconds, but scientists at the Cambridge Breast Cancer Research Unit – whose work will be supported by funds from the appeal – are at the forefront of the battle against the disease.

“The Pink Rose Valentine’s Appeal will support these programs and will create research opportunities for the breast cancer doctors of the future – and with the help of the donations, we can make a significant difference to how we treat and prevent this disease,” said Professor Carlos Caldas, who runs the Breast Cancer Research Unit

As well as the ecards, the appeal is also encouraging people to host a dinner, drinks evening, singles night or other function and ask their guests to make a donation to the cause.

“It’s everyone’s nightmare to hear that you have cancer, but I got through it,” said Newton-John at the launch of the appeal. “I think a positive attitude is extremely important. It’s not a death sentence any more, and with early detection you have a much better chance of survival.”

The ecards cost £2 to send, and all proceeds will go directly to the appeal. They can be viewed and sent via the Pink Rose Appeal website.

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