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Nicole Richie has posted a video on her website encouraging people to support two charities in their work raising awareness of atrocities in the Congo.

“I’m about to tell you a true story about a place where babies and grandmothers are being raped on a daily basis, and the reason they are being raped is directly connected to the purchases of our cell phones, of our laptops and of our iPods,” she says in the video.

Richie also interviews John Prendergast from the ENOUGH Project and Kinberly Pinkson from the EcoMom Alliance about the fact that mining of minerals we use in our lives every day is escalating violence in the country towards women and children.

“The number one weapon out there is not guns, its not knives, it is rape,” said Richie. “They are raping these women. Not only is it rape, they are being raped in front of their husbands and children, their children are being killed… they’re being told to eat their children. This stuff is really inhumane. This is the worst stuff that I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Richie has set out four things you can do to help stop the violence in the Congo:

  • 1. Join the Movement at
  • 2. Text “CONGOPLEDGE” (one word, no spaces) to ACTION (228466) or visit to endorse the Conflict Minerals Pledge.
  • 3. Send emails to the industry leaders and ask them to be a leader on this issue by signing the pledge. Visit to send your emails now.
  • 4. Call the White House switchboard at 202.456.1414 or write to President Obama at and ask him to appoint a special envoy for the Great Lakes region.

To watch Richie’s video in full, click here.

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