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Look To The Stars recently had the chance to talk to television personality Kim Kardashian about the charities she supports.

Which charities do you support?

I am a heavy supporter of the Dream Foundation. My mom and stepdad are on the board. The Dream Foundation grants wishes to terminally ill adults. Every six months I do huge Ebay auctions through Auction Cause, where I give a portion of the proceeds to the Dream Foundation.

I also work closely with Russell Simmons and help him in his Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. A while ago I hosted his big charity event in Miami and we are planning a trip to Africa soon!

Why do you feel this is a worthy cause?

I feel the Dream Foundation is extremely important because there is no other foundation like it that grants wishes to adults.

Were you raised to think about others, or was there an event in your life that spurred it?

I was raised always being taught to give 10% of my earnings to the church, and always went to the Special Olympics with my step dad, Bruce Jenner. Giving back and helping others in need has been a way of life!

What do you get out of it? What would you recommend others do to get involved?

When you can help someone that can’t help themselves, it is the most heart warming feeling in the world! I would recommend to just lend your time, giving back doesn’t mean financial, anyone can do it!

What would you like to see change about the world? What would you do to fix the issues?

We are in obvious need of change right now and I would love to see the economy rise up again. I would tell people to donate their time because the charity world is hurting really bad too, and anyone could help! Its key to stress that!

If you could ask people to do one thing, what would that be?

I would ask Hollywood to continue to support charities and businesses.

Does any of your recent work reflect your feelings on world issues?

All of my work does. From charity events to how I live my everyday life.

Look To The Stars would like to thank Kim Kardashian for taking the time to speak to us.

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