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Wolfgang Puck’s Spago Beverly Hills was the site for a special dinner to “Blow Out Cancer” and celebrate the lives of four courageous American Cancer Society survivors.

As the “Official Sponsor of Birthdays”, the American Cancer Society (ACS) teamed up with Golden Globe award winning creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes (“Grey’s Anatomy”) and the cast of Private Practice to join the movement to create a world with more birthdays. ACS is committed to helping people take steps to prevent cancer or detect it early and increase cancer research efforts and treatment options.

Many cast members were in attendance, including Tim Daly (Dr. Pete Wilder), who stated that ACS, “…is an incredible charity that has made tremendous efforts in research, care, and prevention for so many years.”

In fact, the work of ACS has contributed to a 15 percent decrease in the cancer death rate since the 1990’s and has contributed nearly $3.4 billion to cancer research. Fellow cast member, Paul Adelstein (Dr. Cooper Freedman) noted that ACS has been around for nearly one hundred years, and has raised more money for cancer research than any other non-governmental organization.

KaDee Strickland, who plays the character Dr. Charlotte King, commented on the important role that ACS continues to play to help save lives: “We all have to take responsibility for our own health. The American Cancer Society helps teach people how to stay well, how to get well and that they can be of service to others.” Ms. Strickland also stated that although she was deeply saddened by the passing of two of Hollywood’s longtime icons, Patrick Swayze and Farrah Fawcett, she truly admired how candid they were about their struggle with the deadly disease.

For more information about ACS’s “Official Sponsor of Birthdays” campaign, visit to join the movement to create a world with more birthdays for everyone.

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