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In early September, Disney Channel Star Selena Gomez spent several days in Ghana, West Africa. As the youngest UNICEF ambassador in history, Gomez witnessed the conditions so many children live with every day, ranging from unclean water to preventable diseases.

“Every day 25,000 children die from preventable causes,” said Gomez. “I stand with UNICEF in the belief that we can change that number from 25,000 to zero.” Ghana is ranked 30 out of 195 countries with the highest mortality rates of children under the age of 5.

Gomez appreciates the role she is able to play in influencing the lives of those who look up to her. She hopes to raise $1 million for the foundation by the end of this year – increasing last year’s earnings by $400,000. She appears to be fulfilling the hopes UNICEF had in making her an ambassador, which were to “use her voice, recognition and commitment to children’s issues to fundraise, educate and advocate on behalf of UNICEF.”

Selena Gomez updated her fans several times via Twitter while in Ghana. “I’m having such a wonderful time helping and learning from this culture and life! I’m so honored to be a part of UNICEF! I can’t wait to help out more. It was truly a life-changing adventure!” She had the opportunity to visit children in Tamale and learn about how UNICEF is helping them. Gomez was able to spend time with children, teens and families in a number of tribes. To show their gratitude, women in one of those tribes presented her with a handmade outfit, which she immediately put on.

Before leaving, she took to her Twitter again. “Goodbye Africa. Thank you for allowing me to learn from you. Hope to see you again.”

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