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Colombian star Shakira will give a talk in Oxford, UK, today – December 7 – about her charity work.

The singer will give the speech to the Oxford Union, the most famous debating society in the British university city.

Shakira is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and also founded Pies Descalzos to improve education, nutrition, and the lives of the thousands of displaced children living in perilous conditions because of the violent internal conflict in Colombia.

Last week, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe spoke out in praise of Shakira’s work to help Colombia’s children.

“Colombian people feel very proud of the work that Shakira is doing for the children of Colombia,” he said as the singer signed an agreement with the Latin American General Secretariat and the Organization of Latin American States on behalf of ALAS. “We think that it is very important that this matter become a main subject for the continent and the Ibero-American Secretary.”

The agreement aims at attaining universal education for children in the region by 2021. ALAS – América Latina en Acción Solidaria (Latin America in Solidarity Action) – is made up of a group of Latino artists who are confronting the social emergency facing millions of children in Latin America.

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