Look To The Stars is proud to present part six of a series of pieces written by students from Arnold Schwarzenegger's After-School All-Stars.

We asked the students from Griffith Middle School in East LA what they would like to see changed about the world, and which celebrities they think would best be able to lead the way. Over the next days, we will share some of their answers with you.

Hunger/Homelessness: Barack Obama
By Biso, age 13

An issue that I would like to see change is the homelessness and hunger issues. I believe it is so very important to address these issues. The celebrity that I feel has the best position to do this is the one and only Barack Obama. He is the one who has the power over everything. That is the reason people of our country chose him as president to change things that he promised to.

Obama has to make more homeless shelters for the people who don’t get a chance to make it into ones. Obama said we should also visit the parts of the city where conditions are worse. If he saw it with his own eyes, he might put up a stand for people who don’t have the opportunity to run a home and eat three meals a day.

Well, my dream that I’ve had since the 6th grade is to get a good job, and when I raise enough money, to build shelters all over the world for people that don’t have anything.

I hope Obama reads my letter. I know he can’t do everything by himself, but I would at least like to see him try. We might be the next ones to be suffering over hunger, or might end up homeless, so that is why we need to help make the change before it gets worse. People might say: “Oh, I’m wealthy and I will never end up like that.” But karma could catch up to these people.

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