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Big names such as Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Susan Sarandon and are backing the easiest way yet to contribute to the fight against AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and to improve maternal and child health care in developing countries: click on MASSIVEGOOD when booking an airline ticket on line or tell your travel agent to do so.

By clicking MASSIVEGOOD, each ticket purchaser contributes two dollars to the cause. When one considers how many airline tickets are purchased each day, it’s easy to see the potential of the combined contribution.

The first one to click on MASSIVEGOOD, former US president Bill Clinton said, “We may be in the process of seeing a massive redistribution of responsibility across the globe, where ordinary people who get on airplanes say, ‘OK, we’ll buy the medicine,’ and let the public funds be used to build out the health systems. This could save millions and millions of lives. This is really a way of empowering ordinary people around the world and using technology for the public good.”

“All great things come from many little things,” is the catch phrase behind the organization’s publicity clips.

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