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Sheryl Crow was busy last week promoting World Water Day by appearing at a special concert in New York City and talking water conservation to CBS.

The nine-time Grammy winner appeared at the show at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Monday, March 22, to benefit The Nature Conservancy and its work supporting river and lake projects across the US.

“Fresh water is a precious resource many of us take for granted,” she said. “Knowing it’s threatened in some areas of our country is an issue we can’t ignore. I’m really proud to take part in this special benefit concert sponsored by Crystal Light in support of their collaboration with The Nature Conservancy.”

Crow also talked to CBS about the importance of conserving water to help preserve the environment.

“The depletion, in conjunction with climate change, is very alarming,” she said. "We’re really standing on the precipice of being able to do something, and we need to sieze this moment.

“A fifth of the world’s water comes out of the Great Lakes, and climate change alone has really affected the water levels there.”

She also talked about how she wants to leave the planet a better place for her 2-year-old son, Wyatt.

“I was raised with this idea that you leave the campground better than how you found it. We were brought up to shut off the water when we were brushing our teeth, only ran the dishwasher when it was stuffed, never took 45-minute showers. I have a little boy now, so my concern is what kind of planet are we leaving.

“I find that all my causes fall under the umbrella of environmentalism. Even cancer, to a certain extent, is correlated to environmental issues. I also feel that, if we don’t have a clean planet, then what do we have – all the causes in the world can’t be handled if we don’t have water, if we don’t have food, if it’s too hot to even walk outside.”

To watch the full CBS interview, click here.

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