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Paris Hilton, Anna Paquin and Miranda Kerr are some of the stars who will feature in a celebrity-studded book of photos being released soon.

The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer features photos taken by Australian photographer Darren Tieste, and proceeds from the book will go to charities including SNOG (the Sydney Neuro-Oncology Group), and ABTA (the American Brain Tumor Association).

“The Beauty Book is a hard cover coffee table book with images of your favorite Celebrities, Musicians and Top models,” said Tieste. "All the monies raised from sales will go to Brain Cancer via the Charity called SNOG. This charitable organization is non- profit and relies on donations and fund raising – I know this because I lost a dear friend Natalie Sattler to brain cancer last September 2008, she was 35 years old.

SNOG is a charitable organization, which aims to improve the management of brain tumors through targeted research, information and constant scrutiny of treatment options. The group supports the efforts of a multidisciplinary team of Doctors including Neurosurgeons, Oncologists and Pathologists. SNOG is co-ordinating research into various radiation and drug protocols used in advance treatments of malignant tumors. The Group is involved in research projects that span the epidemiology, diagnostic images, surgical approached, tumor biology and drug trials.

“The Beauty Book is for awareness and to raise money to help support people with this awful disease. 17,000 Americans and 2000 Australians are diagnosed with brain tumors every year, 280,000 Worldwide. Brain Cancer is the leading cause in cancer-related death’s in patients younger than age 35.”

Other stars to feature in the book are Hugh Jackman, Leighton Meester and Sam Worthington.

The book is released in August. More information can be found here.

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