Today is National Barefoot Day, which kicks off a weeklong series of events organized by Soles4Souls to encourage people to donate shoes to those in need.

“If you can’t dig deep in your pockets, than dig in your closet!” said Scarlett Johansson, who has donated over 2000 shoes to the charity. “Americans can make a huge difference with Soles4Souls by donating shoes. Souls4Soles gives away a pair of shoes every 13 seconds in over 120 countries, with over 55 percent donated to fellow Americans.”

Over the course of the entire week, Soles4Souls will be distributing more than 50,000 pairs of new shoes in the United States while it also collects much needed donations support shoe drives at schools, churches and community centers.

“Whether it’s a child struggling to go to school in Kenya, or an American who needs a pair of work boots, Soles4Souls is there to answer the simple requests of millions of people,” says Brittany Snow. “We hope you will participate in Barefoot Week and help change the world, one pair at a time.”

“I am thrilled to support Soles4Souls and…Barefoot Week in order to help spread their mission to ‘Change the world one pair at a time’,” adds Kellie Pickler. “Their commitment is inspiring and I hope that thousands of people join me in support of the fantastic work they are doing across America.”

On “Barefoot Wednesday,” June 2, Soles4Souls Founder & CEO and staff will go barefoot as well as challenge all members of the press to go barefoot for at least four consecutive hours during the week and report on its effects to their viewers.

“It’s an honor to donate shoes to help Soles4Souls as they do incredible things for the less fortunate people in this world,” said Jessica Simpson. “I encourage everyone to lend support.”

“Barefoot Saturday” and “Barefoot Sunday,” June 5 and 6, offers unique opportunities for congregations to remove their shoes and walk out of worship services barefoot. The efforts of participating congregations will go toward helping put shoes on the feet of barefoot children around the world. Visit to learn more.

“There are many people around the world that have never owned a pair of shoes, and Soles4Souls is working very hard to put a pair of brand new shoes on their feet,” says American Idol judge Randy Jackson. “I encourage everyone to donate as many shoes as possible.”

You can also go barefoot online for Soles4Souls! Change your Twitter Avatar, Facebook Profile, etc. to a picture of your bare feet.You will be helping to bring about awareness that more than 300 million children and 1.5 billion adults worldwide do not have footwear. Be sure to post a caption about why your picture is of bare feet! Something like: My feet are bare for Soles4Souls’ Barefoot Week. Learn more on Send a screen capture of your barefoot profile to and you will be entered to win one of ten celebrity autographed pairs of shoes.

To find out more, visit the Barefoot Week website.

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