Tennis star Andy Murray has filmed a new advert to encourage people to stop malaria.

The ad – filmed for Malaria No More – features Murray performing a series of ball tricks as he waits for something crucial for any game of tennis – a net. The ad highlights the need for mosquito nets in countries where malaria is a problem.

“I hope people enjoy the ad and take away the serious message behind it,” said the tennis ace. "Malaria is a preventable disease yet it still claims the lives of 2,000 people a day in Africa.

“A disease of that scale here in the UK would be unthinkable and surely the same should apply for Africa. A life saving mosquito net costs less than a pack of tennis balls.

“As someone who travels a lot, I’ve met people who have been affected by malaria and, here in the UK, I know people who have lost family to the disease, it’s such a tragedy.

“So if you’re planning to work or holiday overseas this summer and you think there might be malaria, make sure you’re protected and sleep under a net when you’re out there.”

Ray Chambers, the UN Secretary General’s special envoy for malaria – and founder of Malaria No More – added: "The good news is that we are seeing our efforts yield results, malaria is being successfully addressed in many parts of Africa with death rates reduced by 70% in Zanzibar and Zambia and 66% in Rwanda.

“But the burden of the disease remains formidable, as malaria claims the lives of one in four children in Africa and costs the economy £8 billion a year.

“We will not rest until we have made malaria no more a reality and I extend my thanks to Andy Murray for his support.”

To watch the video, click here.

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