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Jennifer Lopez and her sister, Lynda, have launched their new charity on Larry King's show, almost two years after announcing their plans to develop the initiative.

The Maribel Foundation – named after Marc Anthony's sister, who died of a brain tumor – will allow specialists in LA treat children around the world using telecommunication technology.

“The Maribel Foundation is a foundation that Lynda and I have talked about forming for years, and when we both got pregnant, we decided it was something we wanted to really just do now,” Lopez told King. “Obviously, when you become a mom, your perspective and your whole kind of view on life change.”

The sisters announced they had plans for a new charity at 2008’s Women’s Conference, hosted by Maria Shriver.

“We have a lot of missions, but right now, what we are focused on is called the telemedicine program.

“It is a very big dream, which is to bring the best, most advanced healthcare to every child in the world, on the planet.

“This technology allows specialists from anywhere in the world, so long as they have this technology in the clinic set-up, to connect to remote areas of the world that have one of these machines. They can talk to specialists anywhere in the world, and they can confer.

“They can read the charts and they can look at X-rays and they can examine the child and they can do so many things where they can actually help save a child who wouldn’t normally have that type of healthcare.”

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