The Venice Eco-Fest is on Saturday, July 10, with celebrities expected to attend including Ed Begley Jr., actress Anjelica Huston, actor Nick Nolte, and others.

The festival will be held in the Venice Beach Plaza and Recreation area at the end of Windward. It will include over one hundred booths, art gallery exhibit, solar sound stage, food, and interactive children’s art/play area.

Venice Beach is the most popular tourist attraction in Los Angeles, second only to Disneyland in Southern California. Public outreach and educational benefits will reach many thousands of people on the world famous Venice Beach Boardwalk. Total attendance is expected to exceed 20,000 people over the course of the day.

The purpose of the festival is to honor the Earth and all of life, as well as to:

  • Promote solutions to global warming, such as having individuals, businesses and
    communities becoming carbon neutral.
  • Educate and raise awareness of the many environmental issues that affect every being on earth.
  • Raise awareness of conscious consumerism, to support socially and environmentally
    responsible businesses and organizations.
  • Promote the benefits of organic and healthy foods.
  • Celebrate life and the arts and bring the arts to the greater public.
  • Foster community unity – bringing together the diverse communities of the LA area, especially in Venice and the Westside, under the banner of protecting the Earth.
  • Showcase and support the work of our vendors, artists, and sponsors.
  • Feature local businesses and organizations that are ecologically friendly.

For more information, click here.

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