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Actor Danny Glover visited Peru recently to promote UNICEF's Buena Onda (Good Mood) campaign – an awareness and fundraising project aimed at improving the living conditions of Peruvian children, particularly in indigenous communities.

The poor scholastic results of indigenous children is of major concern – a situation that Buena Onda hopes to improve by using teachers that provide instruction in the children’s native language. Malnourishment is another problem that UNICEF wishes to address through the provision of childcare centers. In communities where half of the preschoolers are anemic, the centers provide balanced meals to children with working mothers and/or children living in poverty.

UNICEF’s representative in Peru, Paul Martin, says, “The national government committed itself to greatly diminishing infant mortality and chronic malnutrition and here in Peru that is happening,” faster than in other countries in the region.

As a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Glover visited such schools and care centers in an effort to bring local attention to the plight of Peruvian children. “None of us live on an island,” he says. “We want to look at this other world and see if we can be participants in making changes.”

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