Liberty Mutual’s Responsibility Project – which encourages people to “do the right thing” – has partnered with celebrities, Felicity Huffman and Danny Glover to produce two short films that shed light on the topic of responsibility.

Felicity Huffman is the writer, director and star of “Lesster,” the newest short film from The Responsibility Project. In the film, Huffman is a busy mom trying to teach her son the value of taking an environmental stand while she and her husband are ironically unaware of their own impacts.

Danny Glover directs and stars in “Second Line,” where Glover portrays a wealthy and frustrated businessman who is forced to walk to work after car troubles. The man, who is too busy and self-consumed to notice others, rushes through the streets of San Francisco – finally realizing all he’s missed.

In good company, the films will join a host of other celebrities who have shared their message of personal responsibility – Sarah Chalke (“Scrubs”), Ron Livingston, Zachary Levi (“Chuck”), Jack McBrayer (“30 Rock”), Milo Ventimiglia and Masi Oka (“Heroes”).

Amidst global initiatives working towards change, it is easy to forget that incorporating small acts into daily routines is part of “doing the right thing” and can have just as powerful of an impact. The latest short film from Liberty Mutual’s Responsibility Project reminds viewers that protecting the environment can be part of everyday decisions like turning off the faucet while we brush our teeth, taking short showers, closing the refrigerator door and recycling.

The Responsibility Project, created by Liberty Mutual, uses entertainment content to create a forum for people to discuss personal acts of responsibility. Through short films and online content, The Responsibility Project is a catalyst for examining the decisions that confront people trying to “do the right thing.”

To watch the films and find out more about The Responsibility Project, visit

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