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Adam Lambert asked for a simple gift this year for his birthday, clean water for people in developing nations. And it looks like his brigade of “Glamberts” are stepping up – in a big way – to support their favorite glam-rocker.

After Lambert announced his affiliation with charity:water, he did so with an initial goal of raising $29,000 for the organization by asking fans to donate to the cause rather than send him birthday gifts.

“I am so excited to be a part of charity:water and able to give back to those in need. Join me in helping with donations for such a great cause,” commented Lambert, “My ‘golden birthday’ is on Jan 29th where I will be turning 29!!!! I would LOVE if you would help me donate to this cause as it would be the best birthday gift I could ask for.”

Underestimating his influence, Lambert fans have donated more than $60,000 in just two days, surpassing his initial goal and compelling him to announce a new goal of $290,000 for charity: water.

“Ok New goal: 290,000 by the 29th”, wrote Lambert, “Let’s give people in need clean water!”

Fans who donate have their name, donation amount and a comment added to Adam’s charity:water page and since the project will be marked on Google Maps, donors will be able to see exactly where their donation went by GPS coordinates and photos.

To donate to charity:water as part of Adam’s fundraising efforts, please visit Adam’s charity: water page by clicking here.

About charity: water:
Funds raised by charity:water go towards bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. To date they’ve funded 3,811 water projects across the world, providing water for 1,742,331 people in 17 countries and in the four years since inception, charity:water also has raised more than $22 million to run their organization, launch educational campaigns and fund their water projects.

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