Action for Children has gone local with the launch of The site enables the public to help disadvantaged children within their local community, by allowing them to identify and support small individual charity projects within their local area.

The new campaign has huge support from global celebrities such as Jessica Hynes, Dakota Blue Richards, Frank Lampard, Annie Lennox, Vanilla Ice and Dame Judi Dench.

The new website, the first of its kind for a UK children’s charity, is launched in conjunction with the publication of a poll of 2,000 people commissioned by the UK charity.

The findings from the report were that 77% of people who are concerned about children in their local community, would like to help but do not have the time nor the resources to help. However, 71% of them would like more information about other ways in which they could help.

The functionality of the site is simple and easy to use, all users have to do is type in their postcode and decide who and where to help. Contributions start from as little as £2 which can be used to help projects ranging from football kits or dancing lessons to helping fund a minibus or washing machine.

Duncan Bannatyne, who is the face of the new advertising campaign for says: “I’ve had some lucky breaks in my life. I look at my kids and think; thank goodness I’m in a position to help you. This isn’t the case for thousands of other bright, funny, ambitious children who need a leg up. I think that is a great idea to help vulnerable children in our communities who really need it.”

Dame Clare Tickell, chief executive of Action for Children, said: “Like most good ideas, is very simple. Our staff work in more than 400 projects across the country and they know the specific things that will make a real difference locally. Anyone can log on and choose to give local children something that many, luckier, children take for granted.”

In a few simple steps supporters can help transform the life of the most vulnerable and neglected children in the UK.

  • Choose a project close to your heart or your home
  • Give to help fund a specific item or part of the project’s work
  • See the difference you make in emails direct from the project

For more information on the project or for further details on how to donate and help make a difference to a young child’s life, click here.

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