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Sting has spoken out about the violence taking place in Libya, saying that, “Things like this should be handled just like in Egypt and Tunisia.”

He spoke at a press conference before his concert in Lima, Peru, saying, “What’s happening in Libya is appalling.”

It has been reported that Colonel Moammar Gadhafi has hired mercenaries from neighboring countries to fight the Libyan citizens who are speaking out against his dictatorship. The recruits, some of whom are still just boys, were offered money and handed a gun upon landing at airports in eastern Libya, then sent out to the streets to shoot protestors.

One 16-year-old boy said, “A man at the station in Sabha offered me a job and said I would get a free flight to Tripoli.” The boy is now in custody with about 150 other ‘mercenaries’ – Only two weeks before, he had been a shepherd in Chad.

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