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Jessica Biel is the latest star to have her birthday wish come true – following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber, Jessica wanted her fans to donate a total of $5,000 to charity:water. As of posting, that goal has already been smashed.

“Right now, almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water,” she writes. "That is one in eight of us. Unsafe water causes 80 percent of diseases, and the time spent collecting water (often hours of walking to the source) keeps children out of school and women from pursuing economic growth.

“Last year, friends and I hiked to the top of a mountain and endured torrential rain and a blizzard in hopes that our adventure would inspire others to find a way to help alleviate the clean water crisis…

“Here is a way to help! $5,000 builds a well that will serve 250 people with clean water. This year, I want to team up with all of you to celebrate my 29th birthday by raising $5,000 TODAY to build one clean water project.

“I am asking my friends, family, and Humpilates devotees to donate $29 to build a water well and provide clean, safe drinking water to a community in need.

“100 percent of donations will be directed towards our water project and in 18 months, we will have GPS coordinates on Google Maps and photos of the well that we built together. Please help me reach my goal!”

Fans of Jessica have already donated over $5,600. To contribute even more, click here.

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