Today is Paul Rudd's birthday, and he has partnered with Edward Norton's CrowdRise to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

“I’m raising money to fight cancer for my birthday,” says the star. "Donate $26 for the chance to win Live iChat with me.

“For nearly 100 years, the American Cancer Society has been working to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. The movement for more birthdays is about everyday people, just like you and I, coming together to make a difference. This year more than 11 million cancer survivors will celebrate another birthday, thanks in part to the progress ACS has already made.

“My dad died of cancer.

"It’s horrible. I miss him so much and think of him every day. Before he was diagnosed, I never really thought about cancer. It’s not one of those subjects any of us choose to spend our time thinking about. Since he died, I’ve learned that every one out of every two men and one out of every three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. 
That means all of us have either had cancer or known someone who has been diagnosed with cancer.

“With every person who joins the movement, we can get closer to the day when cancer never steals another year from someone’s life.

"Instead of getting presents this year, I’m asking everyone to donate their age. So if you’re 22 then donate $22. If you’re 39 then cough up $39. You get where I’m going with this.

“The best thing ever would if you wanted to totally copy what I’m doing and give up your birthday and ask all your friends for a donation. Then we have a movement.”

To find out how you can take part and help make Paul’s birthday wish become a reality, click here.

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