is currently running a celebrity charity auction that will see two lucky people join Richard Branson at a special cocktail party in Miami on June 25.

According to the charity auction website: "Richard Branson is possibly the most-fascinating man of our time: entrepreneur, explorer, multi-billionaire. And every man on the street we asked in our informal public opinion poll of Branson’s image agrees — he seems a great guy, someone you’d love to have a beer with and hangout. Maybe it’s his disarming charm, likability and devilish smile. Being a committed environmentalist and philanthropist doesn’t hurt either.

“It would seem that with literally hundreds of business irons in the fire, charity and change for good might take a back seat. Not so. The list of well-organized and well-funded efforts for social good is substantial, and it’s no surprise that Branson’s entrepreneurial approach to social change means more bang for the buck, or pound as it were:

  • Virgin Unite, the nonprofit foundation of the Virgin Group. According to their website, Virgin Unite connects people to tackle tough social and environmental problems with an entrepreneurial approach driving business as a force for good
  • The Virgin Earth Challenge, a $25 million prize to encourage a viable technology which will result in the net removal of anthropogenic, atmospheric greenhouse gases — just one of the many green initiatives Branson is behind
  • The Elders, a collaboration between Branson, Peter Gabriel, Nelson Mandela, Graça Machel, Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter and other world leaders. The group contributes their wisdom, independent leadership and integrity to tackle some of the world’s toughest problems
  • Virgin Money Giving, a not-for-profit fundraising website."

Funds raised from this auction, which closes on June 1, will go to Free The Children. The auction can be accessed here.

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