Stand Up To Cancer and LiveSTRONG have joined together to call on everyone affected by cancer – survivors, family and friends of those who lost the battle, doctors, nurses and scientists; advocates – to step up and inspire everyone living with cancer to continue their fight as part of National Cancer Survivors Day.

There are 28 million people living with cancer right now across the globe. Each day, in the U.S. alone, over 4000 more people are diagnosed.

Stand Up To Cancer and LIVESTRONG are joining forces in recognition of the bravery of those in the fight and those who have won the battle. They are calling for survivors to declare themselves and inspire everyone living with cancer to stand up and keep fighting.

Chances are, cancer has touched you in one way or another in your lifetime. In honor of National Cancer Survivors Day, here is your chance to give cancer a piece of your mind. Whether you are fighting the battle, standing in support of a loved one or if you just hate cancer, we all have something to say.

“Whether it’s to vent your own anger or frustration, or to show support for a loved one, it takes only seconds to “donate” your Facebook status and give cancer a piece of your mind," says Stand Up To Cancer co-founder and producer of the Spider Man franchise, Laura Ziskin via the Huffington Post. "Here are a few sample messages:

“I am a survivor. Cancer, we are bringing a fight.” 
~ Lance Armstrong, cancer survivor, champion cyclist and LIVESTRONG founder and chairman

“I am a survivor. Cancer, you picked the wrong person when you picked me.” 
~ 20-year-old Danielle Stanford, who battled leukemia while her mom contended with colon cancer. They are both survivors

“I am a survivor. Cancer, you may have thought you had me, but there’s a lot more time left on my clock.”
~ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, cancer survivor and NBA’s all-time leading scorer

“Cancer, we plan to make you old news.”
~ Cancer activist and journalist Katie Couric, who lost both her husband Jay and sister Emily to the disease

“Cancer, make no mistake, we WILL defeat you.” 
~ Brian J. Druker, M.D., Director, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, Chair of Leukemia Research, and developer of the breakthrough cancer treatment Gleevec.

“So please join us today, with whatever message you wish to send cancer. Take a stand — for yourself, for a loved one … for anyone in the fight. Let’s make every one diagnosed with cancer a survivor.”

Find out how to donate your Facebook status to the cause here.

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