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At Look To The Stars we like to bring you news about the ways your favorite stars are making the world a better place, and we strive to inspire you to follow their examples and do what you can to help those in need. We are happy to say that there are some people out there who have been inspired to do good in the name of their idols, and the hard work is now paying off.

Johnny’s Angels is a group set up by fans of Johnny Depp who were inspired by the many good deeds the actor does, including his words of kindness for young cancer sufferers and his attempts to wake up young coma patients. The group now hopes to inspire others to help children, especially young cancer patients, by performing acts of kindness.

“We have been inspired by Johnny Depp, and now we would like to inspire YOU,” says the group’s website. “Johnny’s Angels: Depp Fans for Charity is a meaningful way for Depp fans to honor an actor whose talent and humanity have inspired so many.”

The group focuses on raising awareness and funds for children’s hospices, in particular the Children's Hospice & Palliative Care Coalition. They raised over $5,000 for the charity in 2007 – through donations, events, and the sale of merchandise – a phenomenal tribute to the actor.

And Johnny Depp himself is impressed with the group. The actor recently wrote a letter to Johnny’s Angels, thanking them for the work that they do in his name, and was blown away by their support and fundraising.

“I wish to express my extreme gratitude to all at Johnny’s Angels, and the wonderful effort made for a cause that is indeed something I hold dear,” wrote the 44-year-old. “Your kindness will benefit those in need at a time when they will appreciate it most… Your generosity of spirit knows no bounds, and for that I am eternally in your debt. I am honored and humbled by you all.”

The group isn’t the only philanthropic fan club out there, fighting for causes in the name of their heroes. The Every Day Angels Foundation was set up by fans of singer/songwriter Jewel to encourage individual awareness of the world and ideas on how people can live their lives to their fullest potential. Established in 1997, the group promotes volunteerism and inspires grass-roots community building through education. Harry Potter fans have also created an inspiring site for actor Daniel Radcliffe, who plays the “Boy Who Lived” in the movie series based on JK Rowling's books. The group regularly raises money for Radcliffe’s favorite charity, Demelza House, and recieved a message of thanks from the actor in return.

Johnny Depp fans are encouraged to visit; if you know of any other groups working for causes in the name of celebrities, please contact us.

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