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UNICEF Ambassador Jackie Chan visited East Timor last week to spread a message of non-violence to the country’s youth.

The visit aimed to curb a culture of “martial arts gangs” – groups of youths that have been involved in street fighting that led to an outbreak of violence that killed 37 people and caused thousands to flee their homes less than two years ago.

“If you use martial arts to help somebody, you’re the hero,” said Chan. “If you use martial arts just on the street to fight somebody, even if you win you’re not the hero – you’re nobody.”

During the visit, Chan met Timor Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao and led a choreographed martial arts display in front of over 5000 young people at Dili’s national stadium. He hopes his presence will help gangs realize their art is a discipline, not a weapon.

“It does not matter what school of martial arts we are from as long as we are united,” he said. “Training for martial arts helps you to strengthen your eyes, your mind and your body. When you have a good body and mind, let’s help people. Don’t harm them.”

You can watch a video of Chan’s visit here.

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