It’s Day One of The BT Red Nose Challenge: Miranda’s Mad March, and the week has begun in a dramatic fashion as Miranda Hart has sustained a painful injury to her knee after twisting it on arrival at the hotel.

The challenge is sponsored by BT, a long term supporter of Comic Relief.

She said: “I should have known better, I was wearing a heel at the time, which is ridiculous as I’m 6’1”. To be honest, it was only an inch and a half heel but that was enough to do it, I normally only wear ballet pumps! I was in my hotel room and it just went. So much for my Mad March – this is now definitely going to be Miranda’s Mad Hop!"

Miranda’s Mad March will see Miranda completing a madcap challenge every day this week in different cities across England.

Despite the debilitating setback, the show very much goes on as Miranda is determined to battle through the pain barrier and complete every day of her Mad March.

For today’s challenge, Miranda has just one day to perfect her salon skills as she crashes through a course in beauty therapy before attempting to set the Guinness World Records title for the most number of armpits waxed in three minutes, live on The One Show tonight. To set the world record she must get through 16 hairy rugby players’ armpits.

But adding to the jeopardy, her practicing time has been cut seriously short as she is spending her first morning of the challenge in the company of an orthopaedic specialist to assess her injury.

After being set the challenge this morning by Chris Evans live on BBC Radio 2’s Breakfast Show, a nervous Miranda said: “Crikey! I’m a shaver not a waxer so this is completely new territory for me! Goodness knows where the wax is going to end up tonight – all I can say is good luck Newcastle!”

Starting today, Monday 11th March, in Newcastle, Miranda will later visit Manchester, Birmingham and Oxford, before finishing up in London on Red Nose Day itself, Friday 15th March, when she hopes to have raised heaps of cash. She has no idea what the remaining challenges have in store for her, as Chris Evans reveals them to her live every morning on his BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

To sponsor Miranda in today’s epic task, click here.

Proving her Hart’s in the right place, Miranda is raising cash for Red Nose Day that could help vaccinate children against deadly diseases that kill millions in Africa every single year. She’s also raising money to help people living unimaginably tough lives across the UK. Just £5 could pay for a vaccine to help protect a child in Uganda against diseases like tetanus and hepatitis B or provide a hot meal for a young person living on the streets in the UK.

BT is giving £37,500 a day to support Miranda as part of the £500,000 it has committed to raise in support of The BT Red Nose Challenges – a duo of celebrity challenges sponsored by BT for Red Nose Day 2013.

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