Bailey Baio Angel Foundation

Founded by Scott Baio, the organization helps to provide financial support to families of newborns and children who are dealing with metabolic disorders.

They work to immediately and effectively heighten awareness on the importance of expanded newborn screening and its availability and necessity for every newborn. Through this testing, when a child is diagnosed with a disorder, steps can be taken immediately to mitigate the problems that go along with these diseases;

To create, promote and facilitate legislation which will mandate this expanded newborn screening for all fifty states; and

To raise funds through promotional activities and sales to support children and families affected with GA1 and other OA’s (organic acidemia metabolic disorders) through the creation of provisional support programs, including food, vitamin and emotional support efforts. With the costs of all these important areas of treatment so exorbitant, it is imperative that insurance companies supply these families with supplements and support they need to live relatively normal lives.


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