Friends of the Asian Elephant

Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) is the World’s First Elephant Hospital. Located in the MaeYao National Reserve of Lampang, Thailand, FAE is a 200-acre, non-governmental organization that provides free care to the elephants at the hospital and free room and board for their mahouts (keepers) during the elephant’s stay.

Since opening in 1993, FAE has treated nearly 4,000 Asian Elephants for everything from illnesses, difficult pregnancies, knife wounds, gunshot wounds, car accidents, logging accidents and land mines.

Working with a team of human prosthetists, FAE developed the World’s First Elephant Prosthesis, a 10-year journey featured in The Eyes of Thailand documentary, narrated by Ashley Judd.

How you can help

To learn more and donate toward the life-saving work FAE does for Asian elephants, visit the Friends of the Asian Elephant website.


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