INSP (International Network of Street Papers) is a UK charity, which supports, promotes and develops over 120 street papers in 40 countries. INSP builds the capacity and sustainability of street papers around the world through the provision of support and services, including training, campaigning and editorial support through the INSP news service. Since INSP was established in 1994, street papers have helped over 200,000 people living in poverty to improve their lives through selling street papers. Unlike the majority of mainstream print press in the developed world, the combined circulation of INSP street papers is increasing and is currently over six million per edition (10% increase since 2009).

What are street papers?

Street papers, like the UK’s Big Issue, exist to tackle homelessness and poverty. Vendors buy their local street paper or magazine at 50% of the cover price and sell them on at a profit to generate an income. Street papers are also distinctive and quality independent media. With a global readership of over six million per edition they challenge public perceptions of poverty and social injustice in towns and cities around the world. In addition to employment, many street papers offer their vendors on-going support and access to practical training resources and social services.

Why are they needed?

Due to the global financial recession, there are increasing numbers of people around the world who are homeless and unemployed. At the same time, there is an urgent need for media freedom and pluralism to counter government restrictions and monopoly tendencies. Street papers address these needs by providing innovative solutions to unemployment and poverty. Street papers also address the need for independent media, reporting on social justice issues and providing a unique platform for alternative perspectives and unheard voices.

How you can help

INSP’s work is more valuable than ever – to our 122 street papers, which are battling with budget cuts and increasing printing costs; to tens of thousands of homeless street paper vendors who are becoming increasingly reliant on street papers for social support and services as frontline services continue to be cut; and to our growing global readership of over six million readers, who value the reliable independent reporting provided by INSP street papers and INSP’s Street News Service.

INSP needs to maintain its existing work to help support the sustainability of street papers around the world for the benefit of their homeless vendors and their readers. We need to build on our successes of recent years, such as the INSP news service, which in the last year alone provided over £500,000 worth of editorial content to street papers, saving them valuable resources, while also adding value to their content (2011 operating cost: £40,000).

To do this, we need your support.

  • Financial support (you can donate via our website or by cheque)
  • In-kind support (e.g. professional advice, flights, hotel rooms, editorial content)
  • Advertise with us (nationally or internationally)
  • Employee volunteering opportunities
  • Book hotels through us at, at no extra cost to you, (powered by
  • Shop online and raise money for us at no extra cost to you (through
  • Raise awareness of our work (e.g. by writing about us, through social media, or by inviting us to speak at an event)
  • Leave a charitable legacy


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