Bottletop is a UK charity which funds projects that empower young people to make informed choices and protect themselves form sexually transmitted infections and teenage pregnancies.
It raises funds and awareness through its own fashion and music range and trains poor communities to make products which are sold across the world generating employment and raising funds for their education programs.

Kofi Annan and Bill Clinton have both lended their support to the charity:

“Stemming the rising tide of AIDS is one of the most urgent challenges facing the global community today. I applaud your efforts in this endeavor. What a wonderful and innovative way to stop the spread of this deadly disease.”
Bill Clinton

“The world needs the type of innovative thinking that you have come up with. I shall study carefully the details of the Bottletop Campaign.”
Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of the UN

Here is what people have said about Bottletop bags:

“When I first saw the bags I was really blown away by them. At first glance you don’t realise what they’re made from… they just look beautiful and eye catching. I love the fact that they are not only created from recycling , but they are creating a source of skillful self sufficiency within communities.” – Annie Lennox – Musician & Activist

“They’re awesome.”
Paris Hilton

“I Love the look of these bags and the idea behind them – they’re different and unique, and help a fantastic cause.”
Peaches Geldof

Support from celebrities regarding album series sound affects includes:

“A fantastic project which I have been honoured to be involved in. It is a truly inspirational album for a groundbreaking charity.”
Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim

“Amazing Music”
Sir Bob Geldof

How you can help

Please visit the Bottletop shop and show your support by buying one of their products, such as ring pull bags hand made from recycled ring pulls from the tops of cans in Salvador, North East Brazil. (As worn by Paris Hilton, Annie Lennox and Peaches Geldof.)


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Bottletop has received support from the following celebrities listed on this site: