Ladles of Love

Ladles of Love began when Danny Diliberto was inspired to create a project to give back to society, as the result of attending a course through the Art of Living foundation (AOL).

As part of the course, attendees were encouraged to head out into the streets of Cape Town to offer hot tea to homeless people. As a restaurateur, Danny decided instead to make use of his kitchen and cooked up a fresh pot of soup instead.

Walking the streets of Cape Town on his mission, he spotted a homeless individual walking along – the man was wrapped in a dirty duvet and was shouting and swearing as he went.

Danny approached him to offer the soup, and in that instant he saw that such a simple gesture had great power. The man stopped his shouting, accepted the soup and thanked Danny before continuing on his way.

In this moment Danny realised that he had the power to restore dignity, even for just a moment, to people who have lost their way – and so the soup kitchen was born.

With little knowledge of how to start a soup kitchen, he decided just to go for it and at the first soup kitchen on a chilly July evening in 2014 a small team of volunteers served 70 hot meals. That same kitchen now happens every single week, serving over 200 meals each time.

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