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It is estimated that there are over 100 million landmines on or beneath the surface of this planet.

They kill or maim someone every 20 minutes, usually women and children.

They render over 800 thousand square kilometres of land useless and terrify millions of people who live in constant fear.

The cost to human life is horrific and the economic effect is devastating, this is not an act of God or a natural disaster – it is a man made disaster that is bigger, in terms of lives lost, civil disruption and economic deprivation, than the Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina or the Pakistan earthquake.

Mineseeker’s aim is to raise sufficient funds from Governments, commercial concerns and funding agencies to survey and map mine affected areas and through it’s initiative “The Sole of Africa”, to return liberated land back to food production.

Using current technology and strategies the UN has estimated that it could take up to 600 years to rid the planet of these devices. It can take a mine clearance operative one day to clear 40 sq meters, however, a new technology is now available. Developed by the British Ministry of Defence and licensed to Mineseeker, a ground penetrating radar that when carried on a stable aerial platform, can scan the ground at 100 metres per second, detecting all mines-plastic and metal.

Mineseeker have deployed this system in ravaged Kosovo and it has been proven in live conditions. The results were spectacular and the technical details are available for review on the Mineseeker website.

The BBC also produced a documentary entitled “Mineseekers” which can be seen here.

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