The Hunter Foundation

The Hunter Foundation is a leading non-profit that provides resources for drug education, prevention and rehabilitation programs. Founded by Wendy Williams Hunter, her husband Kevin Hunter and their son Kevin Jr., they are dedicated to changing the negative story about youths and addiction. With generous assistance from public and private donations, the organizations that they support serve young people (and their families) as they transition from addiction to recovery.

In 2014, media mogul Wendy Williams Hunter and her business partner husband Kevin Hunter created The Hunter Foundation to provide support and resources to young people and families suffering from drug addiction and substance abuse.

Just a year later, the Hunter’s son, Kevin Jr., was given K2 and they jumped into action to get their only child on the “good side of good.” This personal experience deepened the Hunter’s life mission to fortify organizations that increase public awareness about addiction and abuse and help youths live healthy, drug-free lives. Their devoted partners offer residential treatment centers, counseling, education and outpatient resources.

Using the power of her influential media platform. The Hunter Foundation created it’s first signature event, the Annual Wendy Williams Birthday Give Back Gala to raise money and to support our partner Facing Addiction with NCADD to raise money for Facing Addiction with NCADD.

The Hunter family knows that everyone’s journey to recovery is different, and they wholeheartedly believe that every story must start with hope, empathy and treatment for those who’ve lost their way.

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