Colin Firth, Cate Blanchett , Patrick Stewart and a host of other stars have something to say about refugees.

Video: Refugee or Migrant? #WordsMatter Say Our High Profile Supporters

They have released a short film called #WordsMatter which explains the meaning behind the word “refugee”.

Goodwill Ambassadors and high profile supporters have come out to support UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, help define the difference between the terms “refugee” and “migrant” which are being splashed across media headlines because of the ongoing European Refugee Crisis.

Craig Ferguson tells us “a refugee is running for their life” and Bollywood star John Abraham goes on to explain that “they often undertake traumatic and treacherous journeys”. Neil Gaiman tell us that “they are entitled to special protection under international law”.

UNHCR Ambassador Barbara Hendricks said “At this time of crisis it is important everyone understands that refugees are fleeing war or persecution and can’t return home. They are entitled to special protection under international law, including the right not to be immediately deported and sent back into harm’s way”

Stars featured in the video include Barbara Hendricks, Cate Blanchett, Colin Firth, Craig Ferguson, Douglas Booth, Helena Christensen, John Abraham, Kristin Davis, Neil Gaiman, Patrick Stewart, Peter Capaldi and Rokia Traore.

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