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This year’s annual Women’s Conference, hosted by Maria Shriver, drew record crowds in Long Beach this week.

The conference – which aims to empower and motivate women to pursue a lifelong journey of self discovery – kicked off with a “once in a lifetime conversation” between Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger and billionaire Warren Buffett, and went on to feature passionate speeches from Jennifer Lopez, Sally Field, Bono (see video here), Bonnie Raitt, Condoleezza Rice, Heidi Klum, Tony Blair's wife Cherie, and many more.

“I stand before you as someone who loves being a woman,” said Lopez. "I love that when life hands us our greatest challenges, we look up and realize that capacity. I love the fellowship we’re sharing here today…

“My dream is to launch a foundation to help the well being of all women. I decided after a lot of talks with my sister, Linda, when the time was right we would create an organization that would empower women and children. Empowering them to have their voices heard, to have the type of schools they deserve, the healthcare they deserve. Empowering them to demand change. Nothing more empowering than the love of a woman, a mother, a grandmother, a wife. Every single one of us deserves the best life has to offer.

“My foundation will prioritize the importance of empowerment. I have lots of big dreams and envision big changes toward proper healthcare, prenatal care, pediatric care. And that, coming together in the biggest possible way is what I believe women are capable of.

“Don’t ever doubt that you can accomplish more than you thought you ever could.”

Video highlights of the conference can be found here.

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