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Former Guns ‘N’ Roses guitarist Slash has joined the fight against Proposition 8.

The musician has filmed a new video with his wife – Mrs Slash, AKA Perla Hudson – in which they urge people to protest against the decision that will ban same-sex marriages in California.

In the video, Slash plays the Star Spangled Banner on his guitar while Hudson says, “I married my sweetheart, you should be able to marry yours too. Say no to hate and yes to equal rights. Keep up the fight.”

They also urge people to visit to help fight against Prop 8.

The couple are not alone in her opposition to Prop 8, with donations being made by Brad Pitt ($100,000), Steven Spielberg ($100,000), TR Knight ($50,000) David Geffen ($50,000), and Peter Wentz, and support from Barack Obama and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ellen DeGeneres, Drew Barrymore, and Fall Out Boy.

Slash’s new video can be seen at his official website.

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