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Prince William spoke to GQ for the magazine’s July issue. As a teaser, GQ says that “in a wide-ranging conversation the Duke reveals his determination to get the nation talking more about emotions and feelings.”

Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have all three attached themselves to the Heads Together campaign, which aims to “change the national conversation on mental health and wellbeing” in a concerted effort to tackle stigma, to raise awareness and to provide help to those with mental health challenges.

“I cannot understand how families, even behind closed doors, still find it so hard to talk about [mental health],” says Prince William to GQ. “I am shocked we are so worried about saying anything about the true feelings we have. Because mental illness is inside our heads, invisible, it means others tread so carefully, and people don’t know what to say, whereas if you have a broken leg in plaster, everyone knows what to say.”

Heads Together works with a group of charity partners that William, Catherine and Harry view as linked in that they are all addressing mental health challenges at their core, and the three royals believe that conversation is the key to recovery.

“People can’t access services till they feel less ashamed,” says Prince William, “so we must tackle the taboo, the stigma. For goodness sake, this is the 21st century.”

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